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It’s in the Works!

Those patients who have come into the office recently may have noticed the color board we’ve put on display for our future office! Plans are in the works, and we should be breaking ground in January—fingers crossed!

TXT: Dr. Randy Color Board

It’s Not Final—Until It’s in Stone!

As the old saying goes, we have specs but nothing laid in concrete, yet! We are just so excited to share our potential plans with you all!

Our new office will offer two waiting rooms! YES! TWO! One for our younger patients, and a much cooler waiting room for our much cooler “older” patients!

We are doubling our size as well, and how fitting that our new location will be at 0 Wando Park Boulevard! We always like to see ZERO Cavities, too!

Stay Tuned!

As the excitement continues to build and more details emerge, we will share them with all our patients! So check back often for more updates on our new office space!

~Smiles By Dr. Randy