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Winter is Coming – 5 Ways to Keep Kids Healthy!

Winter can be a parent’s worst nightmare when it comes to keeping our children healthy! It seems as though kids bring home EVERYTHING these days.

The severity of a virus is parallel to the strength of a person’s immune system, so why not take some steps to help ensure your child’s immune system is healthy and thriving!

No Winter Flu Blues, Here!

There are plenty of ways you can begin to build your child’s immune system, so we wanted to put together a small, but helpful guide for the ones we found most beneficial and result yielding!

Dr. Randy Pagenkopf Keeping Kids Healthy

  • Increase immune health with food and drink – plenishing a body with immune boosting foods and drinks will keep the body well-nourished and healthy; so when they do come in contact with a virus the body is fueled and ready to fight it off! Serve immune boosting foods like garlic, fresh green juices, and foods rich in vitamin C. They are great additions to your weekly meal plan!
  • Keep sugars to a minimum – sugar consumption has been proven to decrease immune response and increase systemic inflammation.
  • Make sleep a top priority – Sleep is our bodies way of repairing and healing itself. Children who don’t get the adequate amount of sleep each night are more susceptible to catching every flu and cold out there.
  • Decrease their stress – childrens bodies react the same way as our adult bodies do when dealing with stress. Elevated stress hormones can lead to decreased immune systems. Give your kids plenty of time to unwind and relax each night. You can practice exercises such as deep breathing will help with decompressing.
  • Maintain your child’s digestive tracts –  Probiotics are a helpful bacteria that naturally occur in our guts. It’s a protection in our digestive tracts that help us digest food and also to get rid of toxins within our bodies. Talk to your pediatrician if you think probiotics might benefit your child.

Begins and Ends at Home!

What you do at home is what will be the starting point for building a healthy immune system for your kids! Eating right, sleeping tight, and getting enough exercise will provide lasting immune health to get you through this winter!

~Dr. Randy