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They’re Just Baby Teeth – Why Fix Them?

That’s a really great question and one we often get from our parents. There are many different reasons why we recommend fixing a baby tooth rather than leaving it or pulling it.

Below we will go over the various reasons and treatments that should be covered should your child develop and issue with his or her baby teeth.

Dr. Randy Pagenkopf Baby Teeth

Taking Care of Those Baby Teeth Now, Has Long Term Benefits

First we need to understand that teeth are alive and the risk of infection is relatively high if a tooth is left untreated. So here are some explanations for why we should preserve those baby teeth!

  • Baby teeth or Primary teeth, are important and will help guide the proper eruption of your child’s permanent teeth. They help develop your child’s speech process as well as serve as a proper chewing method.
  • Should your child develop a cavity, it’s important to have it repaired as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary pain and also to avoid the area from developing an abscess. Abscess can become a serious problem that can require hospitalization.
  • Teeth that are not repaired can also cause damage to the developing permanent teeth that haven’t dropped down yet; and teeth hold the place of their permanent teeth as well as the shape and formation of your child’s mouth.

Healthy Chompers are Happy Chompers!

For a greater and in-depth explanation of all of this, check out this website. It’s important to begin healthy oral care with your child as soon as possible. Beginning with healthy gum care and seeing your dentist as soon as your child’s first tooth becomes visible!

If you have any questions regarding early cavity prevention, this blog may be of some help, and always feel free to contact our office for answers to any of your questions!

~Dr. Randy