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Thanksgiving – A Time to Reflect, Show Gratitude, and Make Memories!

Ah, Thanksgiving! A tradition that we look forward to spending with our family and friends! A time that is treasured and memories that get stored away in our minds for future reference, whenever we need a little boost in our day!

In the Pagenkopf family my father, Richard was especially partial to Thanksgiving. The men in our house spent time together sewing up the Turkey and adding special touches to make it as close to perfect as one could be! It was a holiday our entire family looked forward to! We cherish those memories we have and will forever!

Dr. Randy and his father at Thanksgiving

It is a time we strive to make special, to create memories for our children, that they will one day be able to pass down to their children.

Whether it’s the final presentation of a magnificent bird you’ve spent all day creating, or those family members you’ve long waited to see, it’s a time to be thankful for everything and everyone in your life!

Share with us some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions that have made lasting memories for your family!

We love to see pictures and hear your stories!

~ Dr. Randy & Family