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It’s Not Really Lost Unless Mom Can’t Find It!

Is that the case in your house, too? Who else is the fixer of all things “broken,” the finder of all things “lost,” and the keeper of all things “treasured”?  Mom’s are really great, aren’t they?Dr-Randy-Wonder-Mom

Mother’s day is fast approaching. Sunday, May 10th to be exact. And, in an effort to not let this holiday sneak up on you, We’ve come up with a couple fun, unique, and inexpensive ways to celebrate the wonderful and deserving mom(s) in your life!

And I’d like to let you in on a little secret. Mom’s don’t need lots of “things.” What a mom really wants for Mother’s day is to know that you care and appreciate her. A thoughtful gesture really does speak volumes, especially when those gestures include someone else doing the chores!

For the Husbands Out There:

Husband’s, consider planning an outing for your wife. It can be just the two for you or a little trip for the whole family. There are some fun ideas on sites like Living Social. I found a paddle boarding lesson that was pretty reasonably priced and could be a great way to get outside and do something together.

You can also plan a little stay-cation… as in, stay at home and let mom rest in a clean house, (that she didn’t have to clean) which will totally feel like a vacation to her. Trust me!

I know I personally love enjoying breakfast in bed! So for those husbands that are also exceptional cooks, plan to wake early and create a breakfast that will totally surprise! If you aren’t especially skilled in the kitchen you can always plan to pick up her favorite breakfast and still deliver it to her in bed. Don’t forget the coffee!

Another great idea us busy mom’s love doing and never seem to have the time for is a bubble bath! Keep the kids busy and let your wonderful wife take an uninterrupted bubble bath, complete with candles, chocolates, wine, and soft music. It’s amazing how refreshed your wife will feel when she emerges. Pruney fingers and all!

If you are feeling creative, print your favorite candid family photo, frame it, and wrap it in pretty paper. Maybe she can take it to her office and place it on her desk. What a heart-felt reminder of how much she’s loved, every time she looks at it.

And if you really want to go the extra mile, husbands, hand-write a little love note to her. All too often our busy lives keep us from creating quality moments with our spouses. I guarantee she will keep these things forever.

Gifts the Kids Can Make

Getting the kids involved in making gifts that she will treasure for years to come is a sure way to melt her heart!  f a quiet bubble bath is your gift, get the kids to make the bath salts. I found an easy recipe for sweet smelling bath salts that only require Epsom salt and essential oils. Easy-peasy!

You can also, break out the crayons and colored paper and ask your kids to make a personalized card just for mom. Love notes from the kids are always a great way to show that they are thinking of her. And, there are tons of ideas on Pinterest!

A Free Download Just For You!

As an added bonus, we created a few printable coupons that are sure to brighten the mom in your life’s day. You’re welcome!

She can redeem these handy coupons whenever she feels like it! So, be ready for a night out or to pick up dinner one night… or a chore to be completed by the child of her choice.

These are a simple way to say, “Mom! You mean the world to me and I would do anything for you!”

Most importantly, I hope you enjoy celebrating the deserving moms in your life!

Mother's Day Printable Coupons

Happy Mother’s Day to the wonderful mothers out there!

The Busy Mom

~Cullan Pagenkopf