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By Popular Demand: The March Employee Spotlight!

We are so thrilled to see just how many of our readers enjoyed the newest addition to our blogging adventures! Employee spotlights are SO much fun and it really gives us a time to highlight and dote on each of our amazing individual staff members! Doing so means you guys get to see not only their professional side, but a small glimpse of their wacky-fun side, too!

So who is the lucky spotlight going to today?


Dr. Randy Pagenkopf Employee Spotlight

Adventurist, Centered, and Wise – It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than That!

We love having Lisa as part of our wonderful team. Her hard work and dedication help our office stay on track and organized! For that, we can’t thank her enough!

So we wanted to know a little more about Lisa, and we thought you guys would too! So here are some fun Q & A’s we asked her about herself!

  • What is your favorite hobby outside the office?  

    • Fitness Classes, Yoga and Painting Furniture
  • What is your favorite food?

    • Shellfish (Seafood)
  • Say money wasn’t a factor, where would you vacation?

    • Anywhere in the Caribbean (We couldn’t agree more!)

Caribbean Vacation

  • If you could meet anyone from history, who would it be?

    • Anne Sullivan- Helen Keller’s teacher and Princess Diana, as well!

Anne Sullivan Quote

And She’s All Ours!

We really feel like we have the “dream team” of office staff around here! I’m positive all of our patients and their parents feel the same way! During your next visit, make sure to say a warm hello to Lisa and let her know what your favorite part of her spotlight was!


~ The Busy Mom

Cullan Pagenkopf