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Parents: You’re In Luck! Help Has Arrived!

As a parent, I fully understand the struggle that goes into getting our kids to brush their teeth as well as floss! It’s an exhausting battle, every. single. day.

Lucky for us, February is  National Children’s Dental Health Month, which means the American Dental Association as worked together to create some fun, new, and exciting things to keep our kids enthusiastic about their oral health!

There are some fantastic things that we can arm ourselves with in this battle!

Bring On The Battle!


Thanks to the new NCDHM Campaign, 2015 brings us, “Defeat Monster Mouth”!

This theme features the McGrinn Twins, Flossy  and Buck as well as their two best friends, Den and Gen Smiley and their super awesome dog, K-9!

They will be gearing up to defeat the new villain monster, Plaqster! Your kids can read all about their journey and join in on their fun with daily activity Brighter Futures Science Activitiessheets, HERE!

As well as those fun activity sheets, we have found some awesome experiments, YES real experiments that you guys can do as a whole family!

There are five different experiments that you and your child can perform that will help teach them the importance of adopting healthy oral habits! They’ll learn about sugar, acid attacks, fluoride, and so much more!

Download your experiment worksheets, HERE!

And If That’s Not Enough…

Here’s a video with a catchy little tune that is sure to get inside our heads and keep kids brushing with the 2min-2x rule!

We would love to hear from you guys! If you have pictures of your kids brushing their teeth to that fun video or participating in those experiments, find us on Facebook and tell us about it!


~Dr. Randy