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National Nutrition Month: Go Green!

Kids love eating wanky green foods! Who knew? So, play it up, have some fun, and surprise them with some unusually awesome green treats! They’ll love it!

Green Eggs & Ham, Sam I Am!

I love the spin on this age old tradition! This Green Egg Casserole (click for recipe) from Mr. Breakfast, is easy and delicious! Everyone is sure to love it!

Green Egg Casserole

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And let us not forget those (easy) wonderful, gooey, delicious little rice treats! Kids LOVE turning this classic St. Patrick’s Day Crispy Treat, green! Thanks, Marsha D. for this little gem of an idea! What a fun and easy treat for you and your kids to make! Maybe for a class party?

St. Patrick’s Day Crispy Treats

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And what about some of that greenishly good mac and cheese that every kid loves? Weelicious offers up this little dish of goodness that is sure to make your kids squeal in delight!

Dr Randy Green Mac and Cheese

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Go Green or Go Home!

Celebrate all things green with endless possibilities! Do you have a favorite recipe, game, craft, or tradition that your family does each St. Patrick’s Day? We’d love to hear about it! Check out our Facebook page and leave us a comment or two!

~Dr. Randy