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Mouthguards for Summertime Safety

Summer is in full-swing and hopefully you and your kids are enjoying the nicer weather. Keeping the kids busy while school is out can sometimes be a challenge. It’s always nice to send them outside to play!

But, this is the time of year that our dental office waiting room tends to fill up. Trampoline and bicycle accidents can really do damage to a person’s bite. We hate when this happens!

What Could Go Wrong?

Dr. Randy Mouthguards

Did you know that trampoline-related injuries are responsible for as many as 92,000 emergency room visits annually? That seems like an outrageous number! Trampolines are notorious for causing all sorts of injuries.

  • Falling off
  • Landing wrong while jumping
  • Attempting stunts
  • Colliding with another person
  • Landing on the springs or form

Trampoline injuries are not the only culprit. In 2012, bicycles were responsible for 271,099 injuries in children under the age of nineteen. In fact, more children between the ages of five and fourteen were seen in the emergency room for biking injuries than any other sport.

There are three different types of mouth injuries that can occur as a result of trampoline and bicycle accidents.

  1. The tooth or root can be fractured
  2. An avulsion can happen when the entire tooth including the root is knocked out
  3. A luxation can occur when the tooth remains in the socket, but is in the wrong position

These injuries can be avoided simply by having your children wear a mouthguard. Plus, a mouthguard is a whole lot cheaper than a trip to the dentist!

Safety First!

It would be so much easier if we could just wrap our kids in bubble wrap and keep them innocent and totally protected at every moment of the day. This, sadly, is not reality.

The next best thing is a helmet and a mouthguard. There are a couple of different types of mouthguards on the market. There is the ready-made one and the boil and bite/soft bite mouthguards.

We recommend the soft bite mouthguards because they easily form to your child’s mouth. Our other recommendation is that you purchase a new mouthguard each year as your child’s mouth grows and changes.

If you have any questions, please visit our website or give us a call. We’d be so happy to meet with you!


~ Dr. Randy