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This Month’s Spotlight Goes To…

Dr. Randy Employee SpotlightShakeya, “Keya” Haynes!

This summers been a whirlwind of activity and keeping up with our beloved employee spotlight blog has been tough! But, we are back at it with another interesting employee spotlight, so let’s get to it!

Italy, Steak, and Sweet Potatoes — Yes Please!

Piazza Campo De Fiori RomeKeya is one of our fantastic dental assistants and has been with us for eight years, now.

In getting to know Keya a bit more, she summed it up best when we asked her if she could travel to any place in the world, without money being an object, she replied that she would “eat her way through Italy!” We couldn’t agree more– is there really any other way to tour Italy?

When she isn’t planning her dream vacation, Keya is making memories with her little boy who just started kindergarten. Watching her son grow up gives Keya the most fulfillment out of life.

And her love of kids and dentistry is her favorite part about being a dental assistant in our office, too! Seeing the transition kids make when they come to our office feeling a bit fearful and insecure is really rewarding and it’s not long before they’re happy and having fun; some don’t want to leave!

Keya’s greatest accomplishments in life, so far, have been the birth of her son, graduating from assisting school and getting her driver’s license, but the thing that surprised us most is Keya’s love of Christmas! She loves to watch Christmas movies all year long!

No judging here– Christmas is a wonderful time of year, one that brings everyone together to create lasting memories and filling up on too much amazing food!

SteakSpeaking of food, Keya says if she had to eat one meal for the rest of her life it would be steak and sweet potatoes. Who doesn’t love a great steak, right?

Keya is a joy to have in our office and we look forward to many more wonderful years with her! We leave you today with a quote that speaks volumes and happens to be Keya’s favorite.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

If you haven’t had quality time with Keya lately, it might be time to schedule an appointment! We’d love to see you soon, so call us today to get started.

~ Dr. Randy

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