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March Madness & We’re Not Talking About Basketball, Here!

Is it just us or are you all feeling giddy about Spring?! I know our family has been running around the clock soaking up as much of this pleasant weather as possible!

It won’t be long before the long summer days are here and trying to keep the family eating healthy, balanced meals will feel like more than just a time to be together! March is National Nutrition Month so we are going to cover a few strategies to help keep your family on track!

Family Time and Healthy Living!

We all want our families to eat healthy and live healthy, but physically getting everyone to do it doesn’t always work out as perfectly as we drummed up in our heads! Today, we offer three strategies that you can implement into your daily family routine that will take out some of the chaos!

Healthy Family

The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition outlines a few really great ideas!

  1. Breakfast is a MUST – Non-negotiable. For everyone! And before you protest, coffee is not a balanced breakfast… I know… I’m sorry. Sending everyone on their daily ways with a belly full of lean protein and fiber will help keep bellies full and ready to focus through lunch!
  2. Dinner Table Togetherness – 50 years ago, June would never gone for a family meal being held anywhere other than the dinner table! Today’s busy schedules don’t always allow for the “Cleaver” style family dinner’s but studies have proved that slowing down to eat and eating together not only improves your health, but your relationships too! Take the time to prepare a home-cooked meal at least a few times a week!
  3. New Foods Are Our Friends – Even if little Johnny thinks otherwise! If you have picky eaters at your house, try including them in the menu design and meal prep. They will be less apt to push around unwanted food on their plates or try to excuses themselves early! At least we hope, anyway!

Time & a Little Patience!

Nothing happens overnight, especially if you are a on-the-go family like we are! It’s tough squeezing in that family time during the week! We hope that this little tricks will help you out, just a little!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog where we introduce some fantastic meal ideas that are sure to keep your family from getting the pinch 🙂


~ Dr. Randy