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The Many Benefits of Bone Broth

I have a good friend, Landria Voigt, a local nutrition blogger with a fantastic bone broth recipe.

The bone broth trend has been around as long as chicken soup. Are the fantastic claims of the benefits of bone broth overblown? Possibly. But, the truth is, chicken soup has long been touted as a cure-all, reducing inflammation throughout the body. This is definitely not a bad thing!

According to Landria, it’s the long cooking process that matters. Stewing the bones for twelve hours breaks down the bones, releases the nutrients and minerals, and makes the collagen, gelatin, and glucosamine easier to digest.

Why? Bone marrow is the densest source of fat-soluble vitamins.

So, I’m sharing this delicious nutritious recipe with you!

The Recipe

Dr. Randy Bone Broth

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2 pounds (or more) organic chicken bones

1 onion

2 carrots

2 stalks of celery

2 tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar

Optional: 1 bunch of parsley, 1 tablespoon or more of sea salt, 1 teaspoon peppercorns, additional herbs or spices to taste. I also add 2 cloves of garlic for the last 30 minutes of cooking.


  1. Cook whole chicken in slow cooker on high for about 4 hours or low for about 6 hours.
  2. Take all of the meat off of the chicken.
  3. Crush the bones down some.
  4. Add enough water to just about cover the bones.
  5. Add some apple cider vinegar.
  6. Cover and cook on low for 8-12 hours.
  7. Strain and enjoy!

Because it’s Good For You!

It will keep in your fridge for a week. It also freezes really well. Consider freezing individual portions in silicone baking cups for easy mid-week lunches!

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