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First Pediatric Dental Visit

What You Can Expect

Dr. Pagenkopf Boy ReadingAt Dr. Randy’s office we want the first visit for our patients and our parents to be informative and comfortable. We want you to feel welcome and relaxed from the moment you walk through our doors!

With seventeen years of experience, you can be reassured that you’re not just seeing a general dentist. Rather, our patients will be seen and treated by a board-certified Pediatric Specialist.

We also want to do our best in helping our patients and their parents feel prepared for their first visit. That’s why we offer a kids questionnaire they can fill out and bring with them so that Dr. Randy and his staff can get to know each of their patients better!

Before your first visit, if you would like to download the New Patient Forms and bring them with you at the time of your visit, you can do so by downloading the forms below. Or if you prefer, we can mail the forms to you as well!

What Your Children Can Expect

We like to see our patients for their initial visit when the first tooth has become visible above the gums, or by their first birthday. Dr. Randy offers a Free Well Baby Screening for all children up to 18 months of age.

Dr. Randy and his staff are the very best when it comes to making your first – and every visit after – a positive and outstanding experience. We go above and beyond to explain steps and procedures that will take place during the initial visit. We ask that our parents try to refrain from using words and terms that may sound big and scary, such as: “needle”, “pull”, or “drill”. We like to use silly euphemisms that are pleasant and non-threatening, but still convey the same message. This helps avoid your child avoid unnecessary anxiety.

Establishing rapport with our little patients is our number one priority. By fostering a comfortable, fun environment, we can educate our patients (and their parents) on the importance of great dental hygiene. Learning proper brushing and flossing is something they will take with them the rest of their lives. Good habits start early!

During Your First Visit

We understand that children may exhibit a uncharacteristic level of negative behavior during their initial visit. Separation anxiety will soon diminish and it is not a major cause for concern. We recommend, but don’t require, that our parents remain in our lobby during a visit. Studies and experience have shown that most children over the age of three react in a more positive manner when they feel “grown-up” enough to experience the visit on their own!

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