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Dental Insurance 101

Dealing with dental insurance can be extremely confusing. We meet parents every single day that ask questions about their dental insurance coverage. We’ve been doing this a long time and we understand the intricacies of this process.

Just in case this is your first visit with us, or you are tired of the confusion your dental insurance causes you, we want to take some time to explain exactly how we deal with insurance.

We Ask the Right Questions For You

Dr. Randy Insurance

Our office likes to take all the guess work out of the insurance process. We are not a participating provider for any dental network. What does that mean?

Dental plans do not work the same way as medical insurance plans. Dental insurance is designed to help offset your dental costs while medical insurance is about coverage.

Every dental plan pays something and networks seem to matter less and less.

We work with each family’s specific insurance. We call them on your behalf and discuss the cost of treatment and deductibles. We try very hard to nail down an estimate of what our procedures will cost, before your child comes in for a treatment. We know the correct questions to ask to find the answers you need.

It isn’t like this at other dental offices. We’ve met with several moms recently who are switching to us after years with other pediatric dentists. The reason? They are asked to pay for every appointment up front and out-of-pocket and wait for their insurance to reimburse them later.

We don’t operate that way. We estimate your costs and deal with your dental insurance for you!

Be an Informed Patient

Another great way to pay for your dental visits is to sign up, during open enrollment, for a Flexible Spending account. This is pre-taxed money deducted from each paycheck that you have access to for that calendar year– specifically for medical and dental expenses. It’s a great way to save for things like cleanings, that you know you’ll need.

We hope this has been helpful! And, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


~ Dr. Randy