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Hurricane weather on map

From everyone here at our practice to you and your family, we hope you’re safe and dry. The rains are slowing but the floods are still gaining momentum, so we’ll have to remain strong for a while longer. If you have food, water, and shelter, now is a good time to help your neighbors and help rebuild our community.

As a children’s dentist in Mt. Pleasant, we love South Carolina and our coastal community. We know you love South Carolina, too– so we’re asking you to help your fellow South Carolinians if you’re in a position to do so.

That might mean something as simple as letting your friends and neighbors use your shower or charge their cell phones and other devices. If you have the time and resources, we’ve compiled a list of aid organizations and charities who would love and your assistance.

We need to help each other out.

Water Missions International

Water Missions International, based in Charleston, works hard to provide safe drinking water to developing nations and people in disaster situations all over the world. Now they’re working with Charleston Water Systems and the University of South Carolina to bring safe drinking water to people in South Carolina.

As you know, much of our water system has been compromised. Columbia has a city-wide boil water advisory.

From George C. Greene, IV, PE President and Chief Operating Officer of Water Missions:

“A week ago it was unthinkable that people in the U.S. could get sick from a lack of safe water, but that’s the situation now, and we’re doing everything we can to get water to the people who need it… We are grateful to have our staff and equipment in our Charleston headquarters as well as strategic partners like Parker and others, who are allowing us to help our neighbors in Columbia… The need is significant and our capacity to respond will be impacted by our ability to raise funds.”

Water Missions International is transporting Reverse Osmosis treatment systems to Columbia, each of which can provide 10,000+ gallons of clean drinking water per day. Similar purification units were deployed after Hurricane Katrina and in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan. These are state-of-the-art systems that provide safe drinking water in great quantities.

You can donate here.

Water Missions International is doing some of the best work on the ground here in South Carolina, and if you have the bandwidth to support them, we’d be delighted.


Water Missions International isn’t the only organization doing great work in South Carolina, of course. There are plenty of other groups, both secular and religious, doing their best to help our community recover and move on from this catastrophic weather.

You can also donate to:

Each of these organizations is working to repair damage, provide food, provide water, provide clothing, house people, and otherwise make a huge difference in our community. There are plenty of charities to choose from, so you can pick the one that fits your faith, your goals, and your beliefs. Everything helps your fellow South Carolinians.


If money is tight, or if you would just rather give your time to those in need than your money, you can still do a world of good for your community. The people out in our flooded streets helping others are folks just like us. They’re getting the job done, and they’d love a few more boots on the ground.

These organizations are accepting volunteers:

There are even more volunteer organizations and charities than we’ve listed here, but this should be a good start. If you and your family are dry and out of the weather, now is a very good time to help those in need.

We’ve rallied together as a state and a community many times before, and it’s now more important than ever to help one another and make life just a little easier for our family, friends, and neighbors. We can get through this, but only if we help one another out.

~ Dr. Randy