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The Best Places in Mount Pleasant

beautiful scenery on plantation

If your family has recently moved to Mt. Pleasant, you probably haven’t experienced the sites I’m going to talk about, today. Our beautiful city has a deep and rich history (by American standards), and is still one of the fastest growing cities this side of the Mississippi.

Our wonderful city is within comfortable reach of Charleston, which has it’s own historic sites and monuments you should visit in your free time, but for now, let’s keep our focus on this side of the river and discuss the best things to do in Mt. Pleasant.

My Favorite Places in Mt. Pleasant

Patriots Point

Aircraft carrier


You may have noticed there are a few ships tucked into the mouth of Cooper River, and they appear to be packing heat. This is the home of the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum. There is so much to see here that you can measure it by the ton.

Patriots Point features it’s own small fleet of not so small ships, as well as a couple dozen naval aircraft. The Medal of Honor museum is tucked inside one of the ships and there you can learn about all of the brave men and women awarded the country’s highest military honor.

The locals love to do everything on board the museum’s centerpiece, the USS Yorktown. This aircraft carrier has more than enough room on it’s flat-top surface for celebrations, fireworks, and dancing. You can even go camping on the Yorktown! Keep your eye out for local events featuring this ship of war-turned-entertainment backdrop.

The Historic District

historic marker about the Hibben House


Many of the sites of Mt. Pleasant predate the country itself. I don’t want to give away all the details, but in the Historic District, markers can be seen that tell an important part of our town’s story.

You can learn all about important battles and their local heroes, our city’s founding fathers, and see locations that were integral to the development of Mt. Pleasant. As most of these sites pre-date the automobile, a walking tour of the Historic District makes for a pleasant afternoon adventure.

Shem Creek

waterfront boardwalk with boats and shops


Some places in the area may require more than one visit for you to truly appreciate all they offer. Shem Creek is one such place.

Many will find that the pleasures of Shem Creek offer a wonderful date night, with delicious sea food and nightlife along the boardwalks. Others may come for just to enjoy the scenery as they hike or jog along the adjacent trails. Still, many also come for the boating and fishing.

Shem Creek is a great stop for anyone simply visiting the area, but it is a must-see and a requirement for citizenship if you live here.

At the moment, parking is a bit limited, but the town has gone to great efforts to greatly expand the boardwalk with expanded parking.

Boone Hall



The only historic site in the area that compares to Patriots Point is the Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens. While the former gives you an extensive taste of modern naval warfare, the latter is more likely to make you feel like you stepped back in time and leave you in awe.

Boone Hall is a trip back to the antebellum era. Featuring an epic colonial plantation home, which has been featured on the big screen several times. The original site dates back to 1681, and is one of the oldest plantations in America – and it’s still going. The farm still operates, and you may have tasted its produce in some of our local restaurants.

Memorial Waterfront Park

park under a bridge


While most of these other places are historic sites, Mount Pleasant’s new crown jewel is the park. Memorial Waterfront isn’t just a park, however; it is one of the best places to gather, hang out, and socialize.

For those days when you are feeling cramped from extended time inside the home or office, Memorial Waterfront Park is a refreshing change of scenery that has plenty to offer. There’s a nautically-themed playground, a great cafe (they have ice cream), and there are plenty of trails along Cooper River.

It’s also one of our favorite places to host events, and several times throughout the year the park will be transformed into a venue of the highest caliber. Mount Pleasant will host movies on the big screen while you picnic, host concerts, or just have a party.

Be a Part of the Mt. Pleasant Tradition

Mount Pleasant is a great place to call home. For all those new to the area, Dr. Randy and team welcome you and we are happy to have you contributing to our history.

Do we miss something in our article that the residents of Mt. Pleasant should experience? Comment below and share your ideas with us!

The Busy Mom

~Cullan Pagenkopf