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What Are Dental Sealants?

What Are Dental Sealants? Children are notoriously bad about adequately brushing their teeth, particularly those molars in the back. Parents often wish there were a way to protect the newly-emerged adult teeth until their children are old enough to adequately protect their own oral health. Dental sealants are the answer these
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Dr. Randy Wants Your Candy

Dr. Randy Wants Your Candy Just in case you haven’t heard, your favorite pediatric dentist in Mt. Pleasant wants your Halloween candy. All of it! I can hear you saying, “but Dr. Randy, we want to eat all of our candy!” 2016 Candy Buyback Keeping all that sugar-ladened candy sounds good, but is it really good? The calories
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Flossing and the Failures of Journalism

Flossing and the Failures of Journalism After news reports last month, many people in Mt. Pleasant have wanted to know what their dentist has to say about flossing. The problem with journalism is that some reporters don’t act with due diligence. In an era where clickbait-headlines and Twitter feeds trump fact-checking, the media often seems
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