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Advanced Pediatric Dental Technology

Dr. Randy and our staff spend many hours each year furthering their education by learning the latest in children’s health as well as dental technology. We are so proud we can offer the most advanced pediatric dental care, including the following:

Dr. Pagenkopf - Waterlase
Dental Restorations using the Waterlase dental laser: Regular dental drills rely on removing large amounts of tooth.The Waterlase, on the other hand, removes very precise amounts of tooth. Because of its precision, it lessens the need for anesthetic. www.waterlase.com

Frenectomy with the Waterlase Laser

Surgically releasing the frenum is called frenectomy. Conventional treatment involved a procedure where the frenum was cut with a blade or scissors, with or without sutures to reposition its attachment. In our office, we employ a procedure called laser frenectomy in which the Waterlase is used to zap the frenum with laser pulses without even touching it, gently severing it from its attachment.
A few drops of anesthetic makes the area numb. Healing time is reduced drastically, as the Waterlase does not create tissue trauma or charring, as some older lasers did. The actual procedure takes 3-5 minutes, and full healing with new skin is evident within 10 days. Post-operative pain is fairly minimal. The area feels tender for 2-3 days, but the child will be able to eat and function normally. Dr. Randy has performed this procedure on infants as young as two weeks old. Breastfeeding mothers have been able to successfully nurse their infants upon completion of the procedure and many have reported immediate improvements in their child’s ability to nurse.

Ez Pedo

Dr. Randy - Ez PedoUntil very recently, the only crowns available for anterior primary teeth (baby teeth in the front of the mouth) were stainless steel. Dr. Randy has completed the continuing education course for EZPedo, the first company in the world to manufacture monolithic Zirconia (tooth colored) crowns specifically designed for children. This product hit the market after four years of collaboration with pediatric dentists and thousands of restorations placed. www.ezpedo.com

In addition, we utilize digital radiology (xrays) to minimize radiation exposure.


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