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Candy Buyback Brigade

Candy Buyback Brigade If you didn’t catch our 2016 Candy Buyback event, you really missed out! It was a lot of fun. Specifically, it was more than a half-ton of fun. You see ^ that? That’s all candy! More than 1,000 pounds of it. We’d like to give a shout out to South State Bank for sponsoring the shipping for Operation
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Dr. Randy Wants Your Candy

Dr. Randy Wants Your Candy Just in case you haven’t heard, your favorite pediatric dentist in Mt. Pleasant wants your Halloween candy. All of it! I can hear you saying, “but Dr. Randy, we want to eat all of our candy!” 2016 Candy Buyback Keeping all that sugar-ladened candy sounds good, but is it really good? The calories
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Halloween in Mt. Pleasant

Halloween in Mt. Pleasant Halloween has arrived in Mt. Pleasant, and that means it’s time for costumes, candy, and trick-or-treating! Despite being a relatively recent phenomenon, the development of Trick-or-Treating in the U.S. has a fuzzy history. As a holiday, it wasn’t really celebrated in America until the 19th century,
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